A Guide to Keeping Your Playground Clean and Safe
When it comes to keeping playgrounds safe, a lot of things probably come to mind right away: appropriate supervision, strong and intact structures, and even closing outside of daylight hours are commonly thought of. These measures are absolutely important to keeping a playground safe. That being said, there’s one measure that, though not instantly associated with playground safety, can be absolutely critical to it: cleaning. Regular professional cleaning is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your playground stays fun and safe, and we’re here to tell you why. To check out our expert’s guide to keeping your playground clean and safe, keep on reading.

Clean Means Safe

A clean playground doesn’t just mean a more pleasant experience for kids and parents alike: it means safety, fun, and peace of mind. Regular cleaning helps to preserve the structural integrity of your playground, prevent the spread of germs, and reduce the growth of harmful things like mold and mildew on it.


Playgrounds mean a lot of running, jumping, hanging and otherwise adventurous acrobatics – and it’s critical that your playground’s structures be up for the job. From weather-related damage to accumulating dirt and rust, a variety of elements can work to undermind your playground’s structure. Regular cleaning is the ultimate way to counteract the harmful effects of these factors. By sealing your structures against fading and sun damage, you’ll prevent the weakening of your playground’s foundation, allowing it to stay safer longer. The same is said when you take extra care to remove rust and dirt buildup.


There’s no denying that where kids go, germs follow. Though usually harmless and commonplace on a playground, the average runny nose or sneeze can accumulate quickly, turning your playground into a breeding ground for germs. Help keep your visitors happy and coming back by keeping your playground’s surfaces as clean as possible. Of course, you can’t prevent every germ from landing on your slide, but professional cleaning is a fantastic way to avoid significant bacterial buildup over time.

Mold Buildup

If your playground is left unclean, there’s a possibility that black algae could build up on it. Though inherently harmless, algae can often lead to the growth of mold and mildew if left unchecked – and it spreads quickly. The last thing that belongs on a playground is mold, and regular professional cleaning is the most effective step to prevent it.

How to Keep It Clean

Keeping your playground clean is as simple as getting professional services every season – and maybe even twice in the warmer seasons. Florida’s summers are hot and humid, making playgrounds the perfect breeding ground for bacteria during this time. Solve this problem before it starts by being diligent about your playground’s upkeep and working with a playground cleaning company you can trust.
Now that you’ve read our easy guide to keeping your playground clean and safe, you’re set up to guarantee plenty of family fun to your guests year-round. If you’d like to learn more about keeping your playground clean, don’t hesitate to click here.

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What is Soft Wash?

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