A Guide to the Different Maintenance Needs of Different Headstone Materials
Selecting a headstone for a loved one can be overwhelming, and it’s understandable why: honoring your loved one’s memory is extremely important. That can be done in any number of ways, including with a headstone that commemorates their life for generations to come. There are quite a few factors to take into account when choosing a headstone, not the least of which is the material you’ll go with – and the maintenance needs you’ll take into account down the line. Whether you’re in that selection process now or simply looking into the maintenance needs of an existing headstone, we’re here to help. To see what the most popular headstone materials require in order to stay in pristine condition, just read on below.

1. Granite

If your loved one’s headstone is made of granite, or if you’re considering going with this material, there’s no denying its elegance. Granite headstones are timeless due to both their beauty and their resilience. That being said, exposure to the elements can lead a white haze to develop over the stone. Fortunately, regular cleaning and polishing can not only remove this film from a headstone, but also prevent it from developing again.

2. Marble

Another timelessly beautiful option, marble is a popular choice for headstones largely due to how easy it is to polish. Though marble can erode and fade over time, professional cleaning services can do wonders to elongate a marble headstone’s lifespan. Marble headstone maintenance typically consists of soaking the stone, then scraping off any mold or algae growth. Getting this done regularly by professionals you trust is an excellent way to preserve a marble headstone for as long as possible.

3. Bronze

Bronze is particularly popular for headstone detailing and design. Many family members also opt for bronze plaques rather than headstones to commemorate the memory of their loved ones. Either way, the most common issue that occurs over time is the tendency of bronze to take on a green-ish appearance. However, this material is tremendously resilient, and though restoring it to its original condition can require professional chemical treatment every few years, it’s altogether possible to keep bronze looking beautiful for decades.

4. Limestone/Sandstone

Limestone and sandstone are popular headstone choices in warm climates like Florida’s, where freezing temperatures and snow hardly ever occur (these materials have been known to crack when the snow thaws). If you’re looking into maintaining a limestone or sandstone headstone, we definitely recommend professional cleaning services. These materials have been known to break or erode away more easily than others, and regular professional headstone maintenance is a great way to prevent their wearing down.

5. Cement/Concrete

As one of the most resilient options on our list, cement is another widely popular option for headstones. Another of its benefits is that cement can be easily shaped, giving you options as far as the versatility of your loved one’s headstone. That being said, this material is very susceptible to algae, mold, and mildew. For this reason, it requires more frequent professional cleaning than most of the other options on this list.
By understanding the characteristics and different maintenance needs of different headstone materials, you’ll be well equipped to make the best choices about preserving your loved one’s headstone. If you have any other questions about headstone maintenance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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