A-Plus Softwash’s Soy Fusion Roof Treatment is the Way to go if you Want to Keep Your Roof in Great Shape While Saving Money. Here’s Why.
A-Plus Softwash’s Soy Fusion Roof Treatment is the Way to go if you Want to Keep Your Roof in Great Shape While Saving Money. Here’s Why.
If your roof’s shingles have been looking less than great lately, it’s natural to start wrestling with the dreaded question: is it time for a roof replacement? That’s not a question that any property owner takes lightly; after all, the average roof replacement in Florida will run you about $7,000. What too many people don’t know, however, is that about half of the roof replacements that are dont every year are actually premature. In those instances, the shingles didn’t need to be replaced; they simply needed to be replenished. Wondering what that even means? That’s exactly what we’re covering today. If you’re interested in addressing the root cause of your roofing issues while saving money, keep reading.

Replace or Replenish?

Because roof replacements are so pricey, time-consuming, and dreaded amongst homeowners, many people who suspect that they need one are tempted to jump the gun. After all, it’s better to just get it over with, right? Though that position is understandable, it can also land you in a costly repair project that you don’t even need yet. What do we mean by that? Let’s take it step by step.

When you get a brand-new roof, the shingles on it look the part: vibrant in color, pristine, and near-gleaming. This isn’t just because they’re clean; it’s because they’re infused with oils that allow them to remain elastic and structurally sound in the face of inclement weather, projectiles, and pressure washes.

Over time and as your roof is exposed to the elements, those oils begin to deplete. When that happens, your shingles begin to lose not just their vibrancy, but their elasticity as well. This is what often leads to cracks, chips, and breaks in your shingles (and leaks in your roof). This kind of damage is entirely preventable by oil replenishment, which can also extend the lifetime of your shingles by years.

The Environmental Impact

Though it’s inevitable that most homeowners will have to get a roof replacement at some point, it’s also undeniable that too many roof replacements happen prematurely. This doesn’t just mean that millions of homeowners are spending thousands of unnecessary dollars in replacements every year; it also means that millions of tons of shingles and roofing materials are thrown into landfills annually.

Imagine the environmental impact we could have if every homeowner vetted their roofs for oil replenishment prior to getting a roof replacement. Because soy-based oil treatments like Soy Fusion are 100% biodegradable, the environmental impact of an oil replenishment treatment is incomparable to the massive waste of a premature roof replacement.

Save Money and Time

We’re not saying that oil replenishment will stave off the need to replace your roof forever. That, unfortunately, is an inevitable part of long-term homeownership. What we are saying, however, is that many homeowners get their roofs replaced at the first few signs of shingle wear, when a much cheaper and functional solution would be to get an oil treatment. Unless most of your shingles are breaking or there are significant leaks in your roof, an oil replenishment can be a plausible and effective way to treat the issues you’re having with your roof.

Instead of rushing into a roof replacement at the first sign of shingle damage, consult with an expert about whether what your roof really needs is an oil treatment. Oil treatment costs about 20% of what roof replacements do, so you’ll probably save yourself a significant amount of money if it turns out that that’s all you need.

If you’re noticing that your shingles are looking dull, cracked, or chipped, don’t rush into scheduling a roof replacement. Instead, consult with a professional to determine whether an oil replenishment is what you actually need (for about half of homeowners, it is). Interested in learning more about Soy Fusion? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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What is Soft Wash?

What is Soft Wash?

A+ SoftWash & Pressure Washing was founded with our consumers’ best interest at heart. We found homeowners were being advised to replace roofs, stucco, and siding only because they were dirty, not old and damaged. Contractors often recommend expensive remodeling projects, although your building materials still have remaining life. Maintaining clean surfaces with SoftWash will extend the life of your exterior facades for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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