When you want your building to look fantastic, commercial pressure washing might seem like a great idea. However, soft washing is actually gentler on the exterior of your building and can help remove the algae, bacteria, and other issues causing your building to look older and run down so quickly. Learn more about soft washing now to find out why it’s an excellent alternative to pressure washing for your business.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is similar to pressure washing in that it involves using pressurized water to clean the building. Unlike commercial power washing, it uses much lower pressure as well as biodegradable chemicals for the cleaning. These chemicals are designed to be highly effective while still being eco-friendly. Soft washing is safer and can remove mold, bacteria, algae, and moss. The results tend to last 6 times longer than the results you’d get with pressure washing because of the removal of mold, bacteria and more.

Soft Washing Instead of Pressure Washing

Commercial pressure washing makes the building look better, but it often doesn’t completely remove mold, bacteria, and more that are accumulating on the building. This means that it might make the building look great, but the results don’t last long. On top of this, the high pressure and chemicals used can be tough on the exterior of your commercial building. High-pressured water can easily damage wood, siding, and other components of your building.
Soft washing is designed to be gentler, ensuring there is no damage to your building. The chemicals used are eco-friendly and biodegradable, so it’s safe to use and won’t damage your landscaping. It also helps to remove mold, bacteria, and more completely, so your sidewalks are clean and safe to walk on and so your building continues to look new longer.

Where Can Soft Washing Help?

Soft washing can be done on most of the exterior for your building. Siding, decks, awnings, patios, and more can all be cleaned with soft washing. Soft washing can be done on patio covers, concrete pavers, and anywhere else that needs to be cleaned and sterilized to help get rid of buildup and prevent it from coming back. When your entire exterior is cleaned thoroughly with soft washing, your building will look new again.

How to Know if Soft Washing is Needed

If the outside of your building is starting to look worn down, it might be due to bacteria or algae growth. If you notice moss or algae growth, or if your stairs are starting to become slippery, cleaning is needed to make the walkway safe again and to make the entire exterior look fantastic again. Whether you’re worried about a wood deck that looks dull or algae growing on your commercial building, soft washing is the answer.

If your building is starting to look run down, don’t turn to commercial pressure washing services and risk damage to your patio, building, or walkways. Instead, check out soft washing services for a safer, more effective way to ensure your building looks fantastic once again. Professional soft washing can help your business look new.

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