Tips for Choosing the Best Parking Garage Cleaning Company
Choosing the best parking garage cleaning company can be tricky, especially when every service provider out there boasts about being the best. In this, as in most things, actions speak louder than words: an excellent service provider will be able to prove the quality of their work. In our digital, demand-centered world, a company’s online presence and the way its team handles first interactions will tell you everything you need to know about the services you can expect. To find out exactly what signs to look for in a great parking garage cleaning company, just keep on reading.

Professional Website

A company’s website is their virtual storefront. Would you be more inclined to walk into a store that is messy, outdated, and difficult to find, or one that’s beautifully organized, up to date, and easy to locate? These same principles apply to your parking garage cleaner’s website. It should be clean, well-designed, up to date, and easy to navigate. Websites are the cornerstone of any company’s first impression; if a provider you’re considering puts minimal effort into their first impression, you can rest assured that the same is true for their second, third, and all of the following impressions.

Before and After Photos

Professional parking garage cleaning is an investment of both time and money, and it’s important to be able to rest assured that you’re getting the result you want. This means having visual proof, in the form of before and after photos and videos, that your provider has done excellent work before. Words about excellent service are great, but they’re nothing compared to photographic evidence of a job well done. The best parking garage cleaning company will have photos displayed on their website to showcase excellent jobs of the past – and you should definitely take a moment to look.

An Attentive Team

Once you go through a company’s website and decide that it has earned your time in a follow-up call, the service you get will be critical. Of course, general courtesy and responsiveness are crucial during a first call, but the best parking garage cleaning company will go above and beyond by:

Following up with your initial inquiry within one business day


Asking you questions in order to understand the needs of your garage


Giving you clear and precise answers without trying to upsell you


Be confident enough in the quality of their services not to pressure you, allowing you to make a decision for yourself

A Clear, No-Strings Price Quote

Ultimately, the best parking garage cleaning company is the one who is confident in their abilities and who, as a result of this, does not feel the need to pressure you, upsell you, or give you vague answers in the hopes of closing a deal. In fact, the best way to tell that you’re working with a top-tier, trustworthy company is by asking for a price quote. If they skirt around the topic or give you a vague ballpark figure, take your business elsewhere. However, if a company asks you questions about your garage and produces a clear price quote without asking for anything in return, you’ve found a business that prioritizes integrity and transparency.
The best garage cleaning company is the one that will pay attention to your needs and go above and beyond to address them from the very beginning. To learn more about our softwash and pressure washing services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d be happy to give you a free quote.

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What is Soft Wash?

What is Soft Wash?

A+ SoftWash & Pressure Washing was founded with our consumers’ best interest at heart. We found homeowners were being advised to replace roofs, stucco, and siding only because they were dirty, not old and damaged. Contractors often recommend expensive remodeling projects, although your building materials still have remaining life. Maintaining clean surfaces with SoftWash will extend the life of your exterior facades for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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