What Does Headstone Cleaning Actually Include? A Guide to Our Services
Though a lot of literature can be found to assist with headstone selection, information about headstone maintenance and upkeep isn’t as prevalent. That said, it is every bit as important. Headstone cleaning is something we strongly recommend outsourcing to professionals, as there are definitely some important dos and don’ts when it comes to preserving headstones while cleaning them. With that in mind, what does headstone cleaning actually include? We’re going over that – and much more, including why it’s important and what practices should be avoided – below. Let’s get started.

The Basics: Why Cleaning is Important

Of course, headstones are ceaselessly exposed to the elements. In an area as humid and warm as Florida, that means they are susceptible to a few things that can cause structural damage over time. These accumulations can include:

Dirt and mud, which can seep into the grooves of the stone over time and potentially cause discoloration (especially in marble) if left unattended.


Algae, lichen, or moss, which thrive in warm and moist conditions and are ikely to cause mold and mildew growth when untreated.


Animal droppings, which can potentially cause permanent staining


Plant sap, which can attract insects as well as mold.

This list may seem intimidating, but there’s good news: these accumulations take months – even years – to build up, and professional cleaning doesn’t just remove them but also helps to prevent them from reaccumulating at the same rate. Stone is a resilient material and can hold its own against the elements. That said, even this resilient material requires some professional attention in order to perform at its best.

Headstone Cleaning: the Dos

At A-Plus Soft Wash, we’re proud to adhere to the highest standards of thoroughness and professionalism when entrusted with headstone cleaning. We understand that stone requires a unique cleaning process, and we take great care in adhering to the “dos”:

Completely soak the stone with clean water before applying anything else to it. This will prevent the stone from absorbing the cleaning solution and minimize the chances that it’ll penetrate the stone.


Keep the stone wet while applying the cleaning agent and rinse thoroughly when finished.


Once the cleaner is applied, use a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and debris accumulated on the stone without causing damage.


Use a soft, or low-pressure, washer; high pressure can cause erosion and breakage in the stone.


Use a gentle, natural cleaning solution that’s diluted with water (the cleaner-water ratio is specified on the cleaner).

Adhering to these simple but critical rules helps to make the headstone cleaning process as smooth and effective as possible.

Headstone Cleaning: the Don’ts

Of course, with every set of dos comes an equally important list of don’ts. Just as we take great care to use the right products and methodologies, we are also careful not to use the wrong ones. Some of these important-to-remember don’ts include:

Bleach (diluted or not) is extremely harsh and can cause chemical reactions in stone that lead to decay


Mechanical cleaning with power tools or high-pressure washers can also weather away at the stone and severely damage it structurally.


Apply cleaner without testing it on a small patch of the stone first


Clean a headstone several times a year. Though this can sound like good maintenance, it can weather away at the stone. Save it for every few years, or whenever you see considerable debris piling up.

These easy-to-avoid methods can make all the difference in the health and lifetime of a headstone. By working with a professional who prioritizes gentle but effective cleaning, you’ll be setting up a headstone to stay in good shape for as long as possible.
What does headstone cleaning actually include? Gentle cleaning agents, careful methodology, and a professional who really knows what they’re doing. If you have any questions about headstone cleaning or would like to get a free quote, reach out to us.

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What is Soft Wash?

What is Soft Wash?

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