What is Soft Washing? Is it Better Than Pressure Washing?

Though you work hard to keep your home clean, mold and mildew can grow outside, your driveway can start to look dull from dirt and grime, and other surfaces outside of your home can start to look worn down. Regular cleaning can help keep your home looking great, but you will want to choose the right type of cleaning for your home. Pressure washing has long been the go-to for homeowners to keep their home clean, but is this the best option for your home? Is it a safe way to clean your home?

Pressure Washing Around the Home

Pressure washing uses a high-pressure water spray to clean a variety of different surfaces. It can be used to remove anything from mold to dust or loose paint. It’s most often used on the outside of homes, driveways and walkways, and on decks. It is also commonly used to remove paint from surfaces that need to be repainted. The amount of pressure used can vary depending on the pressure washer used and the amount of force needed to fully clean the surface. While this is a successful way to clean, it can have risks. Because of this, it might not be the best option for your home.

Why Pressure Washing Isn’t a Good Idea

The high-pressure used can damage your home if you don’t proceed with caution. It should only be used on surfaces that can withstand high pressure, such as concrete surfaces, as it can easily damage softer surfaces. It can destroy the staining on your deck, peel paint from the outside of your home, or damage the tiles on your roof. The chemicals used in pressure washing can also damage your home or the plants near your home. It can be difficult or impossible for many plants to recover from being exposed to the chemicals used in pressure washing. Additionally, with the amount of pressure used, it can be dangerous. It is possible to be injured by the spray from the pressure washer. For this reason, anything that does need to be pressure washed should be taken care of by a professional.

Soft Washing: The Safer Alternative

Instead of pressure washing, there is a safer alternative that’s better for the environment and that can help clean the home without causing damage. Soft Washing uses a biodegradable chemical to clean, ensuring surfaces are not damaged and your plants aren’t harmed during the cleaning. Additionally, it uses low pressure to clean, ensuring your home will not be damaged because of the high pressure. This works well to clean your home without causing any further damage.

If your home needs to be cleaned, contact us to ask about Soft Washing. Our pressure washing alternative is the best cleaning system to use on your home because it can clean your home thoroughly without causing any damage to your home, belongings, and plants. Call us today to set up a time to see our Soft Washing in action and to have your home professionally cleaned. You’re going to love how your home looks when we’re done.

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A Plus Softwash & Pressure Washing is fully certified! We are highly trained & proficient in the process of cleaning building exteriors utilizing the best and highest quality equipment, Chemicals & techniques.

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What is Soft Wash?

What is Soft Wash?

A+ SoftWash & Pressure Washing was founded with our consumers’ best interest at heart. We found homeowners were being advised to replace roofs, stucco, and siding only because they were dirty, not old and damaged. Contractors often recommend expensive remodeling projects, although your building materials still have remaining life. Maintaining clean surfaces with SoftWash will extend the life of your exterior facades for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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