Why Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior Is Vital (And Often Overlooked)

Your siding is the first thing people see when they look at your home. But, more importantly, it’s the first thing you see when you look at your home and the first line of defense to guard you from the elements.

That nicely colored siding helps insulate and protect your home, working in tandem with your roof to create a shell to save your home from huffing, puffing winds that’ll blow your house down and other things you don’t want getting inside your home like rain or extreme heat and cold.

Poorly maintained siding is a crack in the shield that keeps your home warm and cozy. While your siding might be manufactured with a long-lasting material, preventative measures like cleaning will keep it strong for longer than just crossing your fingers and hoping it stays in tip-top shape long term. Keeping your home’s exterior in excellent working condition isn’t difficult and can be helped in a few ways.

Look For Gaping Holes

This one might appear like a no-brainer but inspect your siding regularly to ensure there aren’t holes, cracks, or a whole section missing. This is important before and after a wind storm because those cyclonic winds can rip Tampa Bay Area siding away. If it’s not ripped away outright, cracks can appear from the stress, or flying debris can punch holes in your siding.

Keeping your siding clean will make this job infinitely more manageable. Not only can you see your siding better, but you’ll get less dirty doing the job.

Build Up Breaks Down

Everybody’s busy nowadays, we understand. But allowing dirt and muck to build up on your siding creates a perfect environment for mold and mildew to form. Protected from the wind and sunlight but plenty of warm and wet, mold and mildew can grow in and under your siding. Not to sound alarmist, but this can weaken the structure of your home, lead to health problems, and cost thousands of dollars to correct.

By cleaning the outside of your home, you eliminate mold and mildew before they can gain a foothold in your home.

Why Is Siding Cleaning So Often Overlooked?

Modern home technologies have gotten sophisticated and downright cool, to say the least. Heated floors, soy treatments for your roof, and better cleaning products have taken a lot of the worry and work out of home maintenance. Home siding has been a popular recipient of these advancements, meaning your home’s siding is much higher quality than in the past.

But with this quality comes complacency. Sometimes, well-meaning salespeople say siding doesn’t need washing when it does need to be cleaned for proper maintenance. When you add this common misconception to a busy lifestyle, it’s easy to see why cleaning your Pinellas County siding doesn’t happen as often as you want. Professional siding cleaning companies exist to help those busy people out, so your siding stays in the best shape.

Maintain Your Home By Cleaning Outside Too

Your home is your pride and joy. You’ve worked hard to make the inside the perfect representation of your values and life, but the outside is the first impression passerby, and visitors get. Keeping your home’s exterior clean and well-maintained is aesthetically pleasing and keeps your home in better shape.

Whether cleaning your exterior siding yourself or hiring professionals, siding maintenance is a vital part of home maintenance. If you choose to tackle it yourself, check out our Exterior Siding Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts page to ensure you’re giving your siding the best treatment.

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