Your guide to making your pavers last: a list of everything you need to know to keep your pavers looking like new long-term.
making your pavers last
Making your pavers last and look like new long-term doesn’t have to take a ton of time and effort; it’s much more about working smarter than it is about working harder. Taking care of your pavers is as simple as setting them up for success early on. Today, we’re going over just how low-maintenance paver care can be, from the day they’re installed to long-term paver care. Let’s get started.

Paver Installation

Make sure you do your research about which pavers are the best fit for your exteriors. If your home has a pool, consider slip-resistant options like travertine or brick. On the other hand, if you make a lot of use out of your home’s exteriors with things like barbecues and family gatherings, definitely consider getting pavers that are especially sturdy, like stone or brick.

Paver Sealing

The single most important thing you can do to preserve your pavers for long-term wear is to get them sealed. Usually, sealing occurs about a month after the pavers are installed. Paver sealer is a transparent but virtually impenetrable coating that protects your pavers against a variety of things, including water, wind, scratching, and everyday wear and tear. This thin but powerful layer allows your pavers to remain virtually untouched, allowing them to look like new even after years of wear. Generally speaking, a coat of well-applied paver sealer lasts between three and five years, so one sealer installation goes a tremendously long way in protecting and preserving your pavers.

Choosing a Great Sealer Installer

Your paver sealer is only as good as its installation, and the best way to make sure your sealer lasts is to choose a professional you can trust to do an excellent job. Look for a sealer company who will pressure wash your pavers before applying the sealer in order to make sure that it goes on as evenly and smoothly as possible. On top of that, the best thing you can do to find a great paver sealer professional is to look for a licensed and certified team with excellent online reviews. Once you find a reliable paver sealer professional, you’ll be well set up for success.

Paver Cleaning

Spot-cleaning your pavers after big events or storms is always a great idea. If you begin to notice staining on the surface of your pavers and you haven’t had sealer applied, it’s a good call to get them pressure washed before doing anything else. If you have had sealer applied before and are noticing some staining that doesn’t come off easily, it may be time to reapply it.
At A-Plus Softwash, we are committed to offering excellent paver sealing services, and our customizable pressure- and soft-wash solutions are here to make sure your pavers look pristine year-round. To learn more about our services and get a free quote on your paver sealing, just click here.

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What is Soft Wash?

What is Soft Wash?

A+ SoftWash & Pressure Washing was founded with our consumers’ best interest at heart. We found homeowners were being advised to replace roofs, stucco, and siding only because they were dirty, not old and damaged. Contractors often recommend expensive remodeling projects, although your building materials still have remaining life. Maintaining clean surfaces with SoftWash will extend the life of your exterior facades for a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

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